Earring Care Information

Our Acrylic Earrings

All of our acrylic pieces are laser cut to bring you a variety of super cute shapes. We then assemble them by hand. Please be gentle with your earrings and do not get them wet to ensure they last as long as possible. 

Our earrings are made with love and care, they perform best this way. Please be gentle with your earrings. 

Be careful, these earrings are addictive, here is your heads up!!


Information from Browne and Blue

All Browne and Blue pretties are made from polymer clay. Polymer clay is a non-toxic and oven baked clay. Although durable you need to follow a few guidelines to get the most out of your items.

Although my Browne and Blue items are waterproof and any items with foil leaf or glitter are glossed with a waterproof glaze, I advise you take all items off before entering water.
Care should be taken when removing your earrings, try not to bend the earring post and gently slide the earring back from the earring.
All earring posts are made from high quality surgical steel, which makes them perfect if you have sensitive ears. Alternatively plastic backs and posts are available, but not recommended for our dangle styles.
All products can be wiped clean with baby wipes, you can also use water and a light detergent.